About Us

ETI Designs is a website design and digital marketing company. In more depth, it means we create websites for businesses, market the online brand and bring new customers to our clients.

Established in 2019, we’ve been helping customers worldwide as ETI Designs. Truth be told however, our founder, Jesse Emamalie, has been designing websites since 2011. Since then, he’s officially opened his own company and has been scaling ETI Designs to provide digital branding services ever since.

A team without Borders

The coronavirus pandemic inspired a revolutionary change in how business is conducted at ETI Designs. We are a fully remote team of developers, designers and digital marketers located all over the world.

This has made our quality of work increase as our team has overall been more productive in the comfort of their home. We overcome communication challenges by using collaboration tools to ensure constant and consistent feedback amongst teams within ETI Designs.

Our team, just like our clients’ businesses, have proven successful by pushing towards growth in the digital landscape.

The future is ours

We believe in always evolving. After all, it’s the best way to produce top results.  As such, we’ve adopted techniques that bring a return on investment to our services.

We offer digital marketing services, from the tried and true methods to the new and unprecedented methods.

These services include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services
  • Google PPC Campaigns
  • Facebook Campaigns


However we’ve taken it a step further by maximising our learning time at ETI Designs, mastering the advertising techniques at new platforms. Therefore we also offer new digital branding services:

  • TikTok Advertising
  • Snapchat Advertising
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Twitter Advertising